Is Your Contract Nearing Auto-Renewal?

Contract renewal

Halt Financial Losses with Open Coconut Networks' Advanced Connectivity Solutions


Neglecting to renegotiate contracts with service providers can lead to costly auto-renewals for businesses. Open Coconut Networks presents a cutting-edge connectivity solution to help you prevent financial losses without the inconvenience of renegotiating contracts yourself.

The Challenge: Unoptimized Contracts

Frequently, organizations sidestep contract renegotiations due to the lengthy process and the involvement of numerous stakeholders. Consequently, contracts roll over annually, leading to accumulated losses. In certain cases, these losses can amount to millions of dollars or euros. Utilize our contract loss prevention calculator to estimate your potential savings.

The Answer: Open Coconut Networks' Innovative Connectivity

Open Coconut Networks offers a comprehensive alternative to traditional connectivity providers, managing all your connections, including IP Transit, Point-to-Point, Internet Exchanges, and Cloud Providers, without incurring extra costs.

Automatic Loss Prevention with Open Coconut Networks

Our groundbreaking platform renegotiates pricing on your behalf, guaranteeing you receive the most competitive rates. Should market prices decline, your monthly invoice will mirror the decrease, requiring no additional effort on your part.

Partner Flexibility

Open Coconut Networks' versatile multi-provider platform enables you to maintain your preferred service providers. Simply choose your desired provider from our list of referenced partners.

Getting Started

Select from two options to start benefiting from Open Coconut Networks' connectivity solutions:

  1. Self-service: Register on our portal and independently migrate your services, choosing a complimentary port upon registration.
  2. Guided migration: Fill in the form below, and our team will reach out to devise a tailored plan for reducing your monthly recurring losses.

Put an end to financial losses with Open Coconut Networks' advanced connectivity solutions.

Fill in the form in order to build a plan to migrate your services

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