What exactly does 'Exclusively optimized for VoIP traffic transport' mean ?

We prioritize VOIP traffic using QoS to ensure it's processed ahead of other traffic types.
We achieve this with the help of our members: they mark their traffic with specific QoS tags, and we recognize and prioritize these tags at our end.
This allows VOIP traffic to be queued with the highest priority, enhancing its quality and reliability.
While it's optional, this method allows us to prioritize VOIP traffic effectively.

How do you distinguish between VOIP and non-VOIP traffic ?

While we anticipate the vast majority of the traffic to be VOIP traffic due to our targeted approach, we also offer our members the flexibility to manage their traffic preferences.
Through our route-servers, members can filter VOIP provider routes.
This guarantees a primarily VOIP traffic stream, but we can not completely eliminate other traffic types.

How do you expect to keep the focus on VOIP and not fall into a 'general' IX where there are already so many of them ?

We specifically target VOIP companies to join our Exchange, to make sure that the predominant traffic is VOIP-centric.
However more and more companies host their PBX on cloud platforms.
By joining the IX, cloud providers can influence and optimize the VOIP traffic of their customers that interface with our platform.

How can I become a member of VOIP IX ?

You can send your request here.

What is the BGP Peering Policy of VOIP IX ?

Our peering policy can be found here.

What are the members of VOIP IX ?

The list of our members can be found here.

Where is the list of your Points of Presence (POPs) ?

Our presence is listed here

Do Cloud Service Providers have any interest in joining VOIP IX ?

Yes they do!

More and more companies host their PBX on Cloud Service Providers' infrastructure.

By joining VOIP IX Cloud Service Providers can therefore offer an unmatched experience to their customers running a VOIP infrastructure.

That's a direct connection from the cloud to VOIP operators and providers.

How is VOIP IX different than other Internet Exchange ?

Our offer differs from other Internet Exchange as we apply top priority to the VOIP traffic of our members.

VOIP IX offers:

What is VOIP IX ?

VOIP IX is a commercial Internet Exchange.

Our mission is to overcome challenges which are experienced on a daily basis by the VOIP industry such as: latency, quality and security.